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“If Everything Around You Seems Dark …”

Recently an old girlfriend posted on her Facebook page:

“My news feed is full of C--- this, toilet paper that, wash your hands with this, tourism that....

Yes, it’s happening! We’re not blind or stupid! We all watch the news!

But I sure don’t need to read about it every minute of every day!!!

I’m sure my friends have much better things happening in their lives that we’d all rather see!!

I would like to see the adventures you’re having with your kids, your fur babies, or chillaxing with the flowers in your back yard....”

Yep, she's pretty emotional!!

Maybe that's why I couldn't handle her?!

(She’s awesome with pictures, that's her photo at the top.)

So I've taken her advice, in this post I won't even mention “that”, not because I'm trying to live with my head in the sand, but because we can massively distort our view when all we hear is news about something we can't do a heck of a lot about (apart from what we've already been told!).

Once I've done everything I can, my way of dealing with things I can't do much about is to just try and forget about it for a while.

I found something amazing happens after I catch some old episodes of Friends, or a fascinating Netflix documentary about people transplanting a commune from India to the wilderness of Oregon - when I stop watching, “come out of it” and “get back to real life” things don't seem so bad.

Because I've balanced the negative news with something new and right out of left field.

It feels like my body, brain and heart have had a holiday!

So as your honorary life coach, I suggest you try doing a bit of that - conscious positive distraction with whatever gives you a little vacation.

Part of my job is to write motivating and insightful posts that sometimes include a link to some awesome life coach tools.

I've been thinking perhaps you wouldn't want to read posts about something that is not directly related to “what we're all thinking about.”

But the more I've thought about that I think that's wrong.

So apart from the odd piece of insight, I'm not going to write a lot of posts about “what we're all thinking about.”

I think the best way I can make your day a little brighter is to keep sending you awesome inspirational emails that foster the attitude of gratitude, help you to think better about life and are a little piece of positive learning and distraction - like a delicious guilt-free treat for your mind?

So what I'd like to leave you with today is:

I utterly 100% guarantee you that one day the world will get back to normal.

Then the question will be …

“What have you learnt,
what will you be able to take,
from the experience of living through this?”

"If everything around you seems dark, look again, You may be the light."


wishing you all the best,


Harley M Storey
The Life Coach Toolman

2 Responses

  1. Deborah
    Harley, thanks for having the courage to voice what I have been thinking. It's refreshing to read about something other than you-know-what. I'm also glad to hear from you, as it seems like it has been a very long time. Please continue to be an amazing life coach and story teller. Deborah
    • Harley Storey
      Thanks for your kind words Deborah! Take care, H

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