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Life Coaching Tools Here!

How To Speed Up Feeling Bad!

If you're a Life Coach you're going to get asked at some point in the game; “This coaching thang (and especially you Harley!) is great - but how can I make it go faster?” Then your client looks at you with a half cheeky grin, hoping you're going to whisper a secret way to magically…
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Rest In Peace, Queen Of Soul

As I write the Queen of Soul has just left this earth to join the heavenly choir. She passed on August 16 - the same day as the King, so I'm guessing Aretha and Elvis will be singing up a storm! When I first heard Aretha I wondered what all the fuss was about, then…
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Millionaire, BMW, Tropical Holiday, Unhappy.

It was 5am on a cold dark morning when headlights sliced through my curtains to play bright light against my bedroom walls. What the … ? It was my buddy on an airport run. Earlier in the week his first text asked if I could take him at 545am. I replied “no problem” and set…
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Out For A Walk When …

I'm a recycler. So when I walk around my neighborhood I pick up trash so it doesn't get washed down the drains and into the ocean not far from my house. I'm also an alchemist. I try and use whatever life brings me to make me a better person today than I was yesterday and…
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