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Life Coach Lessons About Shoes!

I finished with my client at 630pm. I didn’t feel like going home right away, so I returned a missed call from a relative while sitting in my car. My relative raved on and I listened to them with what I hoped was understanding and patience. It was a hot and humid evening so I…
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Tools To Help On “Those” Days?!

I was in the mood to waste a few minutes. What better way to waste time than reach for my phone, open the app and descend into the time-wasting abyss that is Facebook?! My good buddy Paul posted something about "plodgering on..." Being a bit of a "wordsmith," I asked him if there was such…
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Life Coach Lessons At The Beach

I've been feeling low today. I've been letting someone and something go …dreaming of a new beginning. I went to a favorite cafe and sat in the sun, but that didn't do much for me. I was given marshmallows with my decaff moca latte. But I didn’t eat them. I fed them to the sparrows.…
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Time Like Sand Through The Hourglass …

Txting gets a bad rap. But kids on their phones also means that less of them are on the Streets smoking, drinking and indulging in risky behavior. Everyone says we're stuck on our phones with virtual friends and not meeting people in real life, and maybe that's true. But one thing that Social Media does…
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