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Inspiring Life Stories

Goodbye Kate & Anthony …

Because this post deals with a pretty heavy subject, I wanted to start with something funny. I have a document of 300+ pages I keep for email ideas and inspiration, and I'd made a note of a You Tube video with a hilarious exchange between "Reverend" Jim Ignatowski and Bobby Wheeler from the sitcom Taxi.…
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Stressed? Take Dave’s Advice!

I'm a drummer. I love music. When I was young, the louder and the rockier the music the better. I couldn't stand jazz, or understand how people could like music that I felt had no passion. Back then, I felt jazz was all in the head, not in the heart. As I've matured (at least…
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Steve Jobs Fatal Weakness …

India Is An Incredible Country. Thousands of years of history, hundreds of languages and a welcoming home to every religion. But in spite of all these differences, the people and cultures of India live in harmony most of the time. Part of the reason is because Indians are very tolerant. Even Hinduism, the “main” religion,…
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Frog Appreciation Day

When you've got to write for a living, you need to have lots of ideas in the pipeline. I have a 350 page document full of ideas, most of them are mine but some I have collected from around the place over the years. This week when I was wondering what to share with you,…
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