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What’s Your Body Saying?

I've been a life coach for twelve years, before I coached, I worked in the insurance industry. When I was an insurance Broker, I had a client who ran a clothes boutique. One February when her policy was due, I rang her to arrange a time to meet and do her annual insurance review. She…
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If You Won’t Feel Sad, You Can’t Be Happy

What's the meaning of life? A better question to ask might be; what's the meaning of your life? Because your answer will be right for you. As for me, I believe the meaning of my life is to grow towards becoming Love. I don't feel that the meaning of my life is to seek happiness…
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Alcoholics Amazing Livers!

Did you know that your liver has an amazing capacity to repair and re-grow itself?! If you've ever wondered why heavy drinkers can improve the state of their liver, it's because liver cells only have a life span of around 150 days. "I can take 70 per cent of a person's liver away and around…
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