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Category Archives: Life Cycles

Rest In Peace, Queen Of Soul

As I write the Queen of Soul has just left this earth to join the heavenly choir. She passed on August 16 - the same day as the King, so I'm guessing Aretha and Elvis will be singing up a storm! When I first heard Aretha I wondered what all the fuss was about, then…
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Out For A Walk When …

I'm a recycler. So when I walk around my neighborhood I pick up trash so it doesn't get washed down the drains and into the ocean not far from my house. I'm also an alchemist. I try and use whatever life brings me to make me a better person today than I was yesterday and…
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Your Biggest Problem Is Your Greatest Gift!

Do you constantly find yourself coming up against the same problem? Like you're going in circles? Feel like you've done lots of work on 'You' but you haven't really gotten anywhere? You have come smack bang up against your “issue.” You'll recognize it when you look down at the stuff beside you labeled “baggage!” Your…
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The Simple Secret To A Happy Life

As a child I couldn't wait to grow up so I wouldn't have any problems. Real important problems like: having to go to bed early, not being able to eat ice cream for dinner, and running out of comics to read. I remember telling my Uncle that I was looking forward to getting older and…
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