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Life Coach Lessons At The Beach

I've been feeling low today. I've been letting someone and something go …dreaming of a new beginning. I went to a favorite cafe and sat in the sun, but that didn't do much for me. I was given marshmallows with my decaff moca latte. But I didn’t eat them. I fed them to the sparrows.…
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Time Like Sand Through The Hourglass …

Txting gets a bad rap. But kids on their phones also means that less of them are on the Streets smoking, drinking and indulging in risky behavior. Everyone says we're stuck on our phones with virtual friends and not meeting people in real life, and maybe that's true. But one thing that Social Media does…
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Incredible Graffiti – On A Bathroom Door

It was Wednesday and I was looking forward to my weekly burger. When you get to a certain age you need to watch what you eat because food tends to stick with you a lot longer than it used to! My Wednesday treat was a low fat char grilled chicken fillet burger, dripping in a…
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