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“Your Problem Is Not Low Self-Esteem! “

Emily walked in, her head held low. I had not met her before, but during our chat on the phone, she told me her self-esteem was "in the gutter." I smiled with what I hoped was a warm grin and she took a seat. After some small talk, I decided to shake things up, so…
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Hurt & Insulted I …

I was helping my buddy Rob clear out his late Father's shed. His Dad has recently passed and his Mom was angry because her children had filled his shed up with what she considered useless stuff and she wanted it all cleared out. So she hired a large dumpster to take away the "trash." I…
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Why I Stopped Watching American Idol!

I used to love watching American Idol. It was the most fun watching people who thought they were incredible singers but were terrible, and would argue with the dry and witty English producer Simon Cowell, who would challenge them to forge a musical career and come back to prove him wrong. He was usually right,…
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The Most Important Ingredient In The Happiness Recipe!

Hi Positive relationships are like this: It's the middle of the night and you're in the cold, dark desert alone - in the distance you can hear wolves howling and bears growling. Positive relationships are like a ring of fires around you: * They keep you warm. * They protect you. * They're beautiful. Years…
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