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Goodbye Kate & Anthony …

Because this post deals with a pretty heavy subject, I wanted to start with something funny. I have a document of 300+ pages I keep for email ideas and inspiration, and I'd made a note of a You Tube video with a hilarious exchange between "Reverend" Jim Ignatowski and Bobby Wheeler from the sitcom Taxi.…
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Your Biggest Problem Is Your Greatest Gift!

Do you constantly find yourself coming up against the same problem? Like you're going in circles? Feel like you've done lots of work on 'You' but you haven't really gotten anywhere? You have come smack bang up against your “issue.” You'll recognize it when you look down at the stuff beside you labeled “baggage!” Your…
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Life Bugging The Heck Out Of You?

Once upon a time on a hot sunny day a King left his palace to take a look around at his Kingdom. The King rode his magnificent stallion through the villages and hamlets, but as the bright day wore on, the horse became very thirsty. So the King asked a monk walking down a green…
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Stressed? Take Dave’s Advice!

I'm a drummer. I love music. When I was young, the louder and the rockier the music the better. I couldn't stand jazz, or understand how people could like music that I felt had no passion. Back then, I felt jazz was all in the head, not in the heart. As I've matured (at least…
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